A city like no other.


When I first moved to Barcelona, I had zero interest in the city whatsoever. Not only that, I had actively avoided travelling to Europe since 2014. Simply put, Europe wasn´t my thing. It felt all too familiar, too easy, too well-trodden. (Images of Barcelona reminded me of every American girl who studied abroad during college. Ugh). I love Asia - India, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. - and the prospect of moving to the EU didn´t exactly excite me. 

I moved to Barcelona for one reason, and one reason alone: love. In the winter of 2016, on a flight from Bangkok to Doha, I met the love of my life: María. María was (and still is!) a doctor based in Barcelona, and I knew immediately that if our relationship were to work, I´d need to move to her city.

Since moving to Barcelona in January 2016, I´ve fallen head over heels in love with the city. From the iron-hot dining scene to the vermut filled Sundays, from the sparkling Mediterranean to the damp, dark quarters of Gotíc, Barcelona is my new home. While it´s not perfect, I love this city and nearly everything it offers. 

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